April 4, 2021

Episode 36 - Isolate-Shaun

Episode 36 - Isolate-Shaun

Join Stuart and Shaun as they dicuss all the exciting things they have lined up for the podcast.

Shaun was isolated from school this week to his delight. Also the usual sports get discussed and a preview of Wrestlemania.

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Shauny back for another pod. Back and it is Sunday. Fourth of March, Its the fourth  of April mate, Easter Sunday, absolutely glorious Easter Sunday in Manchester, which made to change, if you ask me, because the weather is normally shitty. But it's been up pretty good last week. Apparently it changes. Next week. Hey ,make the most of it this week. Well today Going out, I think for a walk or something. Later on, I might leave Shaun at home though. . Yeah. So Shaun How's your week been mate? Fine. I need to isolate s last week you got sent home  from school, didn't you? On Monday? Yeah, so that was a nightmare. Self isolating. I was at work, gets this phone call. I get a text message of Shaun first of all saying are you at home. I thought he was trying to wag school or something. Turns out I was sat on my break and my phone rings and its Shaun well  I answered the phone, it wasn't Shaun . It was a teacher from school and I said, What's he done? And they said, No, no, Mr Jones's nothing is  up. . A child in his class has tested positive for the Rona, so Shaun  has to come home from school. Can you pick him up  I was like no i am in Hull. So they said is he ok to go home on his own? . So he went on his bike didn't you mate? Yeah, they said you must isolate Shaun, so we isolated him. But that same night, we got in a lateral flow test . It was negative. So that was fine. Off your brother my uncle. I think that's the same person. You know. My brother is your uncle, yes he's a chief tester. So he brought a lateral flow test around. Yeah, I tested negative. That's it he's been all right. He's not had any symptoms, so we're good to go. Hopefully, though, we're finding our way out of this lock down Nonsense. Now the road map takes another turn. Not this week. , not Monday this week next week, . Not this week is the week after, So there's still no Gyms open yet. But, you know, we have  rule of six implemented so people could meet in parks. We went round Pennington Flash for a walk. Where Ironman is Yeah, for Bolton. Yeah, but it was packed wasn't it mate? Yeah, Last time i saw this many people was for the Manchester Derby. Yeah not seen that many people in one place for over a year now. It was pretty busy, but it was a lovely day yesterday,  So we had a walkabout. I went on my bike, You on your bike, and I attempted to get Tori doing the couch to five K she said she was on week four.  Then Tori took my bike and i start running. Then i got big stitch. So I had a little run, not a big run and then walk and Shaun was on his bike. You know we had a fun day in the sun though mate yeah. You on your bike. Don't Stop In the middle of the road with your bike. Go on the pavement where you  Wait for people. Oh, yeah. So I was walking up this road over a hill. Shaun has got this. I don't know. I think it might be separation anxiety or something, because as soon as I go out of sight, Shaun stops on his bike. But was on a main road like a country lane with no payment to pedal on, But a grass verge. So instead of pulling over onto the grass, verge to wait, he Just stopped in the road. And I'm, like, get off the road. And he's just looking at Me going. Why? Cars were whizzing past. You know, we figured out in the end, and he was all right. But you did really well on his bike, actually, on the road. I was quite impressed with the amount of road cycling you Did. I don't know, mate. I know you go on your bike  every day to school just not like that you have to be sensible when you're out with me. Jesus that hit thing kills. Yeah, it did. That was a big bruise you got there. Let's explain what happened. We was going to aunty Jenny's house. I was at the top of a bridge, and I said, Shaun, when we go down here, just use your brakes a little bit. We'll go nice and slow, but you have to take the first left turn to Jenny's okay?  Okay, so I've set off. Next thing i know is a  little flash went past bit just yelling. First left as he went past. What? I'm sure he's not using his brake as I got down there where he supposedly turned left, the van had turned round to check He was OK because he just went flying straight on on clips like the electric box at the side of the road. Flew over the handle bars and stabbed himself in the stomach. Very funny. And then Aunty Jenny told me off. She said cant believe you got him out looking like this. he Had a big bruise on his belly. He was all right. Rode your bike home didn't you?. Yeah, got back on it. Drive home. I like a savage. Yeah, you're pretty resilient when it comes to getting bashed about. Mate I must admit, I was talking about it yesterday. The amount of injuries you've got fell down stairs with a door landing on top of you when you were little. Split my head when i was camping split your head open when you're camping with your mum. When we went Dubai when he jumped off that, uh, sun lounger I making it the pool jumped off the sun loungers slipped on the tiles and I thought I had on the floor. So stop here. The whole world stopped to look at what this bad dad was doing with his kid. Everyone checked on me. Even the towel guy having a kip jumped up to see if you were aright. , everyone at the poolside like you like all right? Yeah. Yeah, like I go. I went back in a few Wait. You're the cool weather kicked around for often, Alma. Well, that was back in the day when you thought you were swimming by standing beyond the on the steps with your armbands on. Okay, We had   some positive news for the podcast this week haven't we?. Big presenter  off, Man City. Not Natalie Peek. Who got that tattoo, So yeah. No, no, no. That's Kyle Walker. Yes. Not the football player. The presenter. So, first off yesterday we confirmed. Charlie, Hyman coming on. The podcast April 13 to talk to us it will be released after that. And he is the CEO of Bloomsbury football, which is a charity down South London. On what you d o chosen table, Father. What? You what you did to the microphone? What you do? He asked me. play or manage. Yeah. I don't think you will ask you to play or manage first things first because he's based in London and were based in Manchester. Look a day out. Secondly, you haven't got any experience to manage your football team. So that's not gonna happen. You know you saw it, Matt. It's the young Children. So you won't be able to play because you're too old now. Know much. But we live in hope, so he's coming on. So discuss that on how they include Children with learning difficulties things like that because we had problems when Shaun was little with football clubs round here