Dads and Lads the Podcast

Dads and Lads the Podcast

A weekly podcast of a proud northern father and son team. A proud Mancunian dad Stuart and his son Shaun who has learning difficulties. What are they going to talk about.... well everything and anything. With the humour of Stuart and the charm of Shaun what's not to love?

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Recent Episodes

Episode 106 - Football is Back And it Came Home

Aug. 4, 2022

Stuart and Shaun are back finally. This week we discus the fantastic achievement of the England Women Team. The Premier League is back so we have our regular predictions back and all the usual life things and hilarity Fantas…

Episode 105 - A Magic Weekend

July 14, 2022

Join Stuart and Shaun this week as we discuss what was a Magical Weekend and Rugby Leagues Magic weekend at St James Park Newcastle. In addition to this we run through the latest transfer rumours circulating round Man City p…

Episode 104 - Summer Sport is Here Again

July 7, 2022

Join Stuart and Shaun for this exciting episode of the podcast. We look forward to Shaun representing Salford Red Devils at Rugby Leagues Magic Weekend at St James Park Newcastle. In addition to this we roundup all the trans…

Episode 103 - 7 Tries

June 30, 2022

Join Stuart and Shaun this week as we discuss all the action from Shauns massive week of rugby and work. He tells us all about is 7 tries for Salford Red Devils Learning Disabilities team and meeting the Chairman of the club…

Episode 102 - At The Car Wash

June 23, 2022

Join Stuart and Shaun this week as we celebrate Shaun and his new job at the car wash. Hear all about his first week. We also look forward to Shauns next rugby match representing Salford Red Devils in the Learning Difficulti…

Episode 101 - Together Stronger

June 16, 2022

Join Stuart and Shaun this week while we discuss Shauns first Rugby League Game in a professional stadium that's right the lad represented Salford Red Devils at Leigh Sports Village home of Leigh Centurions. In addition to t…

About the Hosts

Shaun Profile Photo


Lad Host


I'm Shaun I am 16 years old. I have learning difficulties and love sport I wanted to do this podcast to talk about the things I enjoy which include Football, Boxing, wrestling and MMA oh and my Xbox I love that.

I want to show just because I may not be very academic I can still do good things like this and hopefully encourage other people who maybe struggle at school to look into doing creative things.

I started out wanting to interview famous Rappers like AJ Tracey and Stormzy that hasn't happened yet but we have spoken to some cool people

Stuart Profile Photo


Dad Host


I am Stuart, the dad in Dads and Lads the Podcast. I am a 38 year old train driver whose son wanted to do a podcast so here we are (I actually quite enjoy it sshh)

I decided to do it to hopefully raise awareness for children and young adults living with disabilities like Shaun because I know how hard it can be sometimes. We have actually ended up talking more about sports and fitness than anything else so far.

I want us to chat to all types of interesting people so we can learn a variety of things.